How Real is the Picture You're Painting?

Have you ever been out on the ocean looking up at the starts on a clear night, or on top of a mountain and have that feeling of vastness? As I was coming back to Ft. Lauderdale from the Bahamas on my friend Joe’s boat, my mind seemed to expand at the visual of nothing on a 360 degree horizon.
This moment of openness allowed my mind to expand around all that I could do with my business and my life. I reflected on the strategy of Efficience to have thousands of businesses using our software applications to help them become more efficient and have better processes. I could see these web based tools growing and spreading not only throughout the US, but helping businesses around the world.
I also reflected on my life goal of starting a foundation that helps thousands of new business owners with access to knowledge, resources, capital, and management expertise. I want to provide more opportunities in less fortunate areas like India to gain capital for starting new businesses in some microfinance type of way. This is something I am very passionate about, and thus the purpose of this blog. Seeing these things in my mind makes them more real, and opens my subconscious to feel the emotion attached to the ideas.

Have you experienced this before? If so, have you thought about how you could use this awareness to get more out of your life? It’s possible if you create a painted picture of what you envision.

A painted picture is a 1 page (or less) description of what you desire your world to be at a future time, but written as if it was in the present. It is such a vivid description of what you envision that you can almost reach out and touch it. Reading it aloud puts you in a place where you feel as if you are already living it, and doing this again and again keeps the subconscious mind working to do the things that will make it a reality.

I was in NYC a few weeks ago and enjoyed an evening with my long time friends Chet and Niki. Niki is a former Wall Street type that is passionate about starting a preschool that opens childrens minds instead of keeping them in a box, like much of the institutional approach these days. I could easily see exactly what she was describing, as if it were right in front of me, not only from her vivid detail, but from her belief. With it so clear and alive in her mind, I bet she will make it a reality!

In your moment, be it star gazing, standing on a mountain, or caught in a song, let it open your mind to seeing more than you have before, or perhaps seeing things differently. Take a look at this unconventional football play that my son Tony showed me. It begs the question, is there a faster, easier, or more productive way then how we have always done it?

To get help creating your painted picture, scroll down to the Vivid Description section of this Jim Collins HBA article.

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I have a story to tell. It’s filled with many successes, failures, discoveries, and some truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences. My hope is that someone out there who is mapping out their own entrepreneurial journey can learn a little something from my own experiences, and that those with Dyslexia, like me, can learn to use it for the gift that it is.

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